Conekt Dining Table Smoked Oak

Architect Mogens Lassen was very interested in kitchens and dining rooms, being particularly inspired by the large open restaurant kitchens he encountered during his time living in France. Throughout his life, Mogens designed a number of dining tables for the innovative open planned kitchens found in many of his architectural projects. Conekt was designed in 1975 by Mogens Lassen but has never actually been put into production until now. Made in Denmark.

Dimensions: 75 x 31.5 x 29 h
Designer: By Lassen
Price: $3275.00 | Sale: $2945.00
Item #: BYL-19
byl-19_bylassen_conekt_ml42_line_lifestyle_high res (1).jpg
byl-19_bylassen_conekt_ml42_rimm_line_lifestyle_high res m.jpg
byl-19_bylassen_conekt_smoked oak brass_packshot_high res 2.jpg
byl-19_bylassen_conekt_smoked oak brass_packshot_high res.jpg