Salsa Jamaica

Hand-spun and woven by expert artisans from Morocco, this remarkable 100% New Zealand felted wool rug is highly durable, naturally repels dirt, and does not shed. Its warm neutral tones and richly soft pebbled texture will suit many interior spaces.

Sizes Available:
4' Dia : $880
5' Dia : $1375
6'6 Dia: $2325 (available in showroom)
7' Dia: $2695
8' Dia: $3520

Dimensions: 6'6" Dia
Designer: N/A
Price: $2325.00
Item #: SAL
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sal_2019-01-16 17.29.41.jpg
sal_2019-01-16 17.30.35.jpg
sal_2019-01-16 17.31.19.jpg