Oak Whitebird Bedside Table

The beautiful airy design of this oak piece creates a bold composition of soft round legs with eye-catching graphic lines. Natural, modern and light aesthetics for a minimalistic look.

Please refer to the Ethnicraft website for more details and other styles that are available to order.

Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 20"H
Designer: Ethnicraft
Price: $980.00
Item #: ENC
enc-284630_enc-284630_enc-284540_2tge-051462-oak-whitebird-nightstand-1-drawer-leg-15-47x47x50_po-600x600 (1).jpg
enc-284630_enc-284630_enc-284540_oak whitebird bedside table.jpeg
enc-284630_enc-284630_enc-284540_tge-051462-oak-whitebird-nightstand-1-drawer-leg-15-47x47x50_p-600x600 (1).jpg