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Androgyne Side Table

Distinguished by its playful yet elegant silhouette, the Androgyne Side Table's refined marble top and contrasting wide, flat legs make it an easy fit for a range of decors. It comes in black and ivory, with laser-cut steel legs. The table's sense of balance, proportion and mixed materials affords a sense of harmony. This blend of the masculine and feminine-- true androgyny--is what lends the table its name.

Crystal Beige Rose Marble or Black Marquina Marble.

Dimensions: 16"dia. x 17"h
Designer: Menu
Price: $995.00
Item #: MNU
mnu_1180539_androgyne-side-table_steel-base_black_with_1181539_table top_black.jpg
mnu_1180539_androgyne-side-table_steel-base_black_with_1181539_table top_black_3.jpg