Lollygagger Rocker

Everyone likes to rock, and when you're doing it outside your entire universe tends to ease up just a little bit. This chair has the same comfort as the Lollygagger lounge with a well-placed vertical shoulder rest. Add a Lollygagger cushion and you can remain in absolute balance for hours. Perfect for post yoga.
Made from 100% recycled plastic, it's easy to clean and requires no maintenance, and comes in 9 environmentally friendly colours: driftwood grey, leaf green, charcoal grey, cloud white, black, apple red, sunset orange, navy blue & sky blue.

Floor model in orange on sale for $475.

Dimensions: 27"w x 33"d x 33"h x 15"sh
Designer: Loll Designs
Price: $955.00 | Sale: $475.00
Item #: LOL