Elora Media Stand

The Elora Storage Series combines the traditional aesthetic of classic beadboard cabinets with solid craftsmanship and muted, contemporary hues to create a distinctly modern design. Featuring a smooth satin finish, delicate brass-plated handles, and precision-cut doors on an elevated platform, the Elora Storage Series provides ample storage within a minimalist, contemporary form. The Elora Storage Series consists of a Cabinet, Media Stand and End Table.

Available in 3 finishes: Satin Pearl, Satin Chiffon and Satin Dusk.

Dimensions: 75" x 19" x 20.5" h
Designer: Gus* Modern
Price: $2195.00
Item #: GUS
gus_elora media stand - chiffon - p01 (3).jpg
gus_elora media stand - dusk - p02 (2).jpg
gus_elora media stand - pearl - p01 (3).jpg
gus_elora media stand - pearl - p02 (1).jpg