Androgyne Lounge Table

Originally developed by Norwegian architect and designer Danielle Siggerud as a modern and versatile table for MENU’s former showroom café, the Androgyne Collection profiles simple silhouettes and refined materials. Celebrating craftsmanship and wood, the Androgyne Lounge Table is versioned in natural oak or dark stained oak or walnut, as well as with the option of a kunis breccia stone tabletop.

Dark stained oak base / Dark Stained oak top - $1530
Natural Oak base / Natural oak top - $1530
Walnut base / Walnut top - $2280
Kunis Breccia / Kunis breccia - $3995

Dark stained oak / Kunis beccia - $2030
Natural oak / Kunis Breccia - $2030
Walnut / Kunis breccia - $2565

Dimensions: 47" x 18" x 15"h
Designer: Menu
Price: $2030.00
Item #: MNU